Duration: 7 hours and 30 minutes / Difficulty: Very easy


Your Premium Golden Circle tour will starts with a historical stop at Þingvellir national park, with the oldest parliament which was formed in 930 AD. This national park is surrounded by dramatic lava formations, colorful birch-land, rich in Icelandic bird life and of course homes the continental rift that separates Europe and North America.

Though the park is beautiful beyond belief, with an extremely rich history, there are also dark sides to this nature pearl. On your walk at Þingvellir you will for example come across Drekkingarhylur, the Drowning Pool, where all who committed a heinous crime would be faced with their fate.

Gullfoss & Geysir
Next up is the grand Gullfoss waterfall, where you can really experience the true power and force of Icelandic nature, seeing that
the average amount of water running down Gullfoss is 140 cubic meters per second in summer and 80 cubic meters per second in winter.
You’ll have plenty of time to marvel at this natural wonder and we urge you to take as many photos as you possibly can along the designated paths.
Shortly after that, we will visit Geysir, where you can walk amongst this geothermal wonderland and see Strokkur erupt every few minutes, shooting boiling water 20m high. Just don’t put your camera down or you might miss this majestic moment.

Icelandic Horse 
Get the chance to get up close and pet and feed the beautiful Icelandic Horse, don't forget to grab a selfie with them too. 

After a fun filled day of the Golden Circle, natural wonders, exquisite food, historical trivia and cultural experiences, you can sit back, relax and enjoy the ride back to Reykjavík under our panoramic roof.

Our Golden Circle offers bonus stops too time and weather permitting, all of our professional guides know all there is to know about this route and can always throw in some surprise stops to make our Golden Circle just that extra bit special.

Attention - Minimum passengers required for the tour to go ahead is 4 passengers.  

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